Inside at the Pepper Cafe - J has his juice but before that they brought him a plastic cup for the water automatically. Nice touch.

Inside the Pepper Cafe – J has his juice but before that they brought him a plastic cup for the water automatically. Nice touch.

Above the door, there’s a sign bearing the name Girdwood’s Hygienic Library. I don’t know if such a library ever existed where the cafe now stands, or at all, but it’s a curious entrance to an otherwise excellent kid friendly cafe.

From the door, beneath the Girdwood’s sign, this cafe doesn’t look that child friendly. The inside is small and slightly cramped. There’s an area out the back that’s a little more spacious, but not by much. The same for the chairs and tables outside.

However, there’s two things that make this place a great choice for breakfast, brunch or lunch with young children: wonderful and friendly staff and the great food and menu. In that way it reminded me of Carolina, another place we’ve reviewed.

The outside tables of Pepper along with its unusual sign above the entrance.

The outside tables of Pepper along with its unusual sign above the entrance.

The staff were very friendly and patient, chatting with my little 2.5 year old and giving him some attention that made him really happy. It made the meal much more relaxed.

The menu, mainly breakfast/brunch options with some lunch stuff for post noon, isn’t big, but there are a lot of variety and options to adapt so it feels a lot bigger. The kids menu extends to two items: eggs on toast or avocado on toast but you can combine other add-ons like bacon or ham or extra toast so it’s easy to customise.

Plus our waiter told me they could adapt any of the regular menu – which they did with our drink order (and adjusted the prices too!).  Price wise, most stuff was under $20 and felt well priced.

Enjoying the juice at the Pepper Cafe.

Enjoying the juice at the Pepper Cafe.

Speaking of drinks, there’s a great drinks menu – from milkshakes and freshly squeezed juices to coffees to everything else you think of. Little J loved his juice even though he found it a bit weird to what he was used to.

The food was delicious – really delicious. Kid-friendly or not, I want to go back just for the food. And thoughtfully done too. My son’s dish was set up so he didn’t need to use a knife – for example the toast was cut up even though it was underneath everything else.

It was thoughtful touches like that from great, friendly, staff on top of some very yummy food and drink at good prices that make it such a great choice if you need a cafe that’ll work for young kids. I hope to get back to Pepper’s some time soon.

The Pepper Cafe is located at 44 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington. Its open for breakfast and lunch every day and dinner on Thursday and Friday. See the Pepper Cafe website for more details including opening hours and the menu.

Kid friendly: Yes, kid friendly menu, plenty of seats

Pram/stroller access: It’s not great. Inside it’s too cramped but for the smallest prams. Outside is a little better but might still be cramped.

Toilets/change tables: Toilets yes, no change table though.

Getting to the Pepper Cafe

The Pepper Cafe is right next (on the opposite side of Pin Oak Crescent) to Newmarket Station on the Craigieburn line (most trains go through the City Loop but all go through Flinders Street and Southern Cross Stations as well as West Melbourne). The #57 tram (to West Marybrynong, which goes through the CBD along Elizabeth Street, starting at Flinders Street Station) runs close to Pepper, with the nearest stop on Racecourse Road approximately 250m away.

By car ,Pin Oak Crescent is approximately from the 4km from the CBD and 15 minutes drive (although that depends heavily on traffic). Parking on Pin Oak Crescent is limited. Streets running off it have more and on the opposite side of the railway tracks there’s a large supermarket car park with a generous time limits.

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