Dining at the Warburton Hotel

One of our meals - a porterhouse steak - at the Warburton Hotel.

One of our meals at the Warburton Hotel. It was as good as it looks.

On our recent visit to the snow at Mount Donna Buang and stay at the Warburton Motel we needed a place to eat dinner.

Luckily my wife had read about the Warburton Hotel and steered us in that direction. It was a great choice for dinning with young kids.

The Warburton Hotel was built in 1885 and was once a stopping place on Cobb & Co stagecoach runs through the area. It’s been well maintained and the structure hasn’t changed much since its original opening making it atmospheric as well as kid friendly. The hotel has a main bar as well as a bistro eating area. The bistro has limited hours of operation but is open for dinner every night. We at in the bistro.

At heart it remains an old school pub but there’s several things that made it a great place for a meal. Firstly, the staff were really friendly and helpful. Second, not long after being seated the brought out some butchers paper and crayons for the kids to draw on while they waited. This is a great touch – simple but very effective in keeping kids occupied. There’s also a kids menu too and the kids meals were brought out first (and quickly) so our kids weren’t waiting too long.

Drawing away while I decide what to order. I went with a burger, which was yummy.

Drawing away while I decide what to order. I went with a burger, which was yummy.

All of these things helped make the meal easy and also relaxing as we all had a good time. It helps that the food was good, too!

Menu wise it was a traditional sort of pub menu – burgers, parmas, salads, pasta and some steak options plus a few other options. Maybe not a gourmet destination but the servings were well sized and were tasty. We weren’t disappointed. The prices were more than resonable: lots of options at or under $20, the kids meals were $10 (and included a drink and dessert) and even drinks were cheaper than most places. It made the meal excellent value.

We definitely enjoyed our meal here – both th adults and the kids – and we’ll be going back next time we are in the area!

The Warburton Hotel is located at 2882 Warburton Highway, Wesburn. The main bar is open from noon every day for meals or a drink. The Bistro area is open for dinner every night from 5:30pm to 8:00pm and for lunch on Thursday and Friday between noon and 2pm and on Saturday and Sunday between noon and 3pm. See for more information including the menu.

Kid friendly: Yes, easily.

Pram/stroller friendly: Yes. There’s steps from the main carpark at the rear but none from the front entrance/street. Inside the bistro there’s enough room to use a pram and park it between tables if needed (as long as it isn’t huge). The main bar is more crowded and less pram friendly.

Change table: No, didn’t see one although we didn’t check all the toilets.

Getting to the Warburton Hotel

From Warbuton, the hotel is a 10 or 15 minute drive east along the Warburton Highway (which runs through the centre of the town) and is roughly half way between Warburton and Yarra Junctiion. From Melbourne, get on the Maroondah Highway and go east until the turn off for the Warburton Highway (route B380) just after Lilydale.