The best baby monitor helps parents feel secure that their baby is safe whilst sleeping in another room. However, with so many different baby sleep monitor options on the market it can be difficult trying to work out which is right for you.

If you are looking at purchasing your first baby monitor, or even second, you are probably overwhelmed by the various baby monitors you can buy. Baby monitor brands all claim to have the best video baby monitor, or the best baby monitor Australia has on the market.

There are a number of good baby monitors options, including a wireless baby monitor, smartphone baby monitor, baby monitor with sensor pad, sound only monitors, video and sound baby monitor, movement and sound baby monitor, top of the range monitors and cheap baby monitors, and the list goes on.

To help ease some of the overwhelm you are probably feeling, I have put together this baby monitor reviews 2018 Australia guide.

In this guide I not only take you through the features of the some of the top rated baby monitors from various baby monitor brands, but also help you understand all the jargon so you can work out what features you actually need. I have also included a handy table, so you can compare baby monitors and their various features side by side.

I hope the information provided in this guide help you to be closer to choosing the perfect baby monitor for you and your baby.

Compare The Top Baby Monitors 2018

iBaby M7 Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.5Check
Arlo Baby by NETGEAR Smart HD Baby Monitor and CameraAudio-Video4.5Check
Oricom Premium Digital Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.0Check
Oricom Secure 320 Wireless Audio Baby MonitorAudio4.0Check
Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio MonitorAudio4.0Check
AngelCare Baby Digital Sound & Movement MonitorAudio3.5Check
Motorola Mbp36S Baby MonitorAudio-Video3.0Check
HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video5.0Check
Motorola MBP854 Connect Baby MonitorAudio-Video3.0Check
VTech VM9900 HD Pan & Tilt Video MonitorAudio-Video3.0Check

What is a baby monitor and why you should get one?

A baby monitor basically has 2 parts to it, the monitor which stays close to the baby and the receiver which remains with the parents. The monitor (may be visual, auditory, movement or a combination of the three) transmits a signal to the receiver so the parents can keep a watchful eye over their baby.

These devices provide parents with peace of mind no matter where they are in the house or no matter what they are doing.

Types of Baby Monitors

Video Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor allows you to visually see your baby.  The best baby monitor with camera has top quality video to either a handheld viewer or your smartphone.  Some even include night vision. Being able to check in on your baby via your smartphone is great, particularly for a parent who is stuck in the office and might want to check in on the child from afar.

As you can image video monitors are much more expensive than simple audio baby monitors, but the ability to be able to see what your child is doing at all times or whether they are asleep or awake is a great benefit.

Audio Baby Monitor

An audio baby monitor, or baby sound monitor, allows you to be able to hear if your baby makes any sound.  Traditionally these are used to tell when your baby wakes up and cries. These monitors are simple to use and reasonably cheap making them a popular choice for many parents.

Audio-Video Baby Monitor

As the name suggests an audio-video baby monitor is a combination of both the video monitor and the audio monitor.  These types of monitors bring the best of both types of monitors into a single unit, so parents can both hear and see their baby.

Other Types

Smart Baby Monitor

Smart baby monitors use Bluetooth and WiFi to let you keep a close eye on your baby via an app on your smartphone, tablet or even internet browser. These WiFi and Bluetooth baby monitor options can send notifications to your device if there is any unusual activity such as if the baby stops breathing or routine occurrences such as when baby cries or wakes up.

The beauty of a WiFi video baby monitor is parents can use their existing devices to check in on their baby, they can even do this from their office or in fact anywhere in the world provided they are connected to the internet.

Relying on the internet to operate can however also be a negative. If you experience a poor internet connection the baby monitor may temporarily not work and there has also been some concern about hackers being able to interfere with the monitor.

Whilst smart baby monitors offer some great features, they do tend to cost more than other available monitors.

Keep reading below for some great contenders for the best WiFi baby monitor 2018.

Wearable Baby Monitor

Wearable baby monitors are small devices that are attached to your baby in the form of a sock, one piece bodysuit or detachable clip. These types of baby monitors differ from the other monitors mentioned so far which tend to be a visual or auditory aid, as wearable baby monitors use sensors to monitor a range of things such as a baby’s heart rate, body temperature, breathing and / or blood oxygen levels.

Whilst a baby heartbeat monitor, a baby temperature monitor and breathing monitors gives new parents some comfort or added security for babies with breathing issues, some medical specialists have urged parents to not completely rely on these devices which is evident in a variety of baby breathing monitor reviews. Of course, like any piece of technology, things can always go wrong and monitors can stop working when you least expect it.

Choosing The Best Baby Monitor

There are a variety of recommended baby monitors, but what is the best baby monitor for you may not be the same for every family. Consider the following features to ensure you purchase the best value baby monitor that meets your needs.


As stated above, there are a range of different baby monitors available and what is right for you will really depend upon what it is you want to keep an eye on.  Do you want to see your baby? Hear your baby? Do you want to be able to talk to your baby? Perhaps you want to monitor baby’s breathing, a baby heart monitor or maybe a combination of things.

If you want to visually be able to see your baby, consider how you would like to do this.  Monitors that come with handheld viewers can be quite expensive, or the alternative is to use WIFI and monitor your baby through your mobile phone.


If you are wanting to be able to see your baby, you will need to consider how important the camera’s resolution / quality is to you.

Some of the premium baby monitors offer HD cameras with fantastic quality images for both day and night vision. Other monitors may provide slightly grainy images but may be more in line with your budget.


The audio quality of the monitor is perhaps the most important feature of your baby monitor. Whilst it is not necessary to hear everything crystal clear, you want to ensure your monitor is free from any static, or hissing sound that forces you to turn the monitor down, therefore preventing you hear your baby cry which negates the whole reason of getting a monitor in the first place.

Also give consideration to getting a two way baby monitor. These types of monitors allow you to not only hear your baby but have push-to-talk features where you can speak to your baby via the monitor. Some monitors even include songs or lullabies which you can play to your baby at the push of a button.


Before purchasing a baby monitor it is crucial that you know the range it will need to cover. If you have a large home this is a particularly important to consider.

It is important to note when checking the range on a baby monitor that this range may be misleading. The range stated is the range for an “open field” where there are no obstructions. Of course, you will use your baby monitor in your home where there is walls between you and your baby, so take this into consideration.

A wireless baby monitor camera using WiFi tends to offer the best in terms of range, provided you have a good strong WiFi signal.

Battery Life

Generally, the most beneficial monitors will be portable and so will rely on a battery to operate, particularly handheld viewers. These days most battery operated baby monitor options have rechargeable units, but you will still want to ensure your monitor has a good battery life as you don’t want to be constantly charging the battery.

There are still some monitors on the market that are not rechargeable and so use actual replaceable batteries. These types of monitors can often be cheaper, but require constant battery changing which can be a nuisance.

Many monitors have the option of plugging the parent unit into the power supply, but this is inconvenient if you are wanting to move the unit around each time you move rooms.

Consider the above when purchasing your baby monitor.

Set-up & Installation

Look for baby monitors that are simple and easy to set up. For busy parents the best kind are the ones that you simply remove from the box and plug in. Other devices, particularly ones connected by WiFi may take a little longer.

Other Key Features

  • Pan-tilt function or rotation capability – For the best range of viewing, look for a baby monitor with the pan-tilt function which allows you to remotely rotate the camera 360 degrees. Without this feature you will manually have to pick up the camera and move it around the room.
  • Digital zoom – Similar to the pan-tilt and rotation function, some cameras allow you to remotely zoom in and out on baby which is perfect if your baby moves around a lot in their sleep or you want to take a closer look at them.
  • Night vision – Some of the top baby monitors now include night vision which is perfect to be able to tell if you baby is asleep or awake at night.
  • Built-in sensors – Some monitors come with built in sensors that monitor baby’s heart rate, body temperature, breathing and / or blood oxygen levels giving new parents some comfort or added security for babies with breathing issues.
  • Wireless connectivity & remote monitoring – As mentioned above, smart baby monitors allow you to connect to the monitor wirelessly, so parents can monitor their babies remotely via their smartphones. The disadvantage of course is that if you experience a poor internet connection the baby monitor may temporarily not work. There has also been some concern about hackers being able to interfere with the monitor.

Top Baby Monitor Reviews 2018

Best Video Baby Monitor

iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor Review

The i Baby monitor is smart WIFI enabled baby monitor full of features to help parents keep an eye on their babies via their smartphone.

This is a full HD 1080p camera complete with infrared night vision. This baby monitor iphone model also has 360 degree pan and 140 degree tilt capacity which is perfect to check on baby no matter what position they are in, this would also be the best baby monitor for twins as you could move the camera to check on both babies.

Parents will love being able to smooth their child remotely via the two way audio speakers or with the wide variety of built in music, lullabies, bedtime stories and white noises built into the monitor.

Other features include a built in light show and the built in motion sensors which send alerts regarding the temperature, humidity and air quality. There is even a smart smell sensor that detects soiled nappies!

According to a variety of video baby monitor reviews, parents are loving the iBaby monitor stating it is super easy to install and highly recommending it as one of the best video baby monitor options.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Arlo Baby by Netgear Smart HD Baby Monitor and Camera Review

This smart baby monitor has many functions to help keep an eye on your children providing total peace of mind.

This Arlo video and sound baby monitor not only has the cute bunny aesthetics but it has built in WIFI function providing a live feed via an app on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. This is a HD baby monitor of 1080p and so provides a very high quality picture and is also a night vision baby monitor.

The required app allows you to choose your settings, sending instant alerts or notifications to your phone or email. It can also communicate with a variety of smart home devices.

This wifi video baby monitor also has the cool ability of recording before and after any motion is detected, these recordings are stored remotely on the cloud for up to 7 days. It also includes a built in air sensor which monitors the air temperature, humidity and air quality.

Other great features include the built in nightlight and lightshow options. It can play lullabies, white noise and even a recording of your own voice or chosen song. With a rechargeable battery it is easy to move between rooms and/or locations.

As you will note from reading any baby monitor online review, this digital baby monitor, is super simple to set up and easily blends in to any child’s bedroom.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Oricom Premium Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

If you are looking for one of the best cheap baby monitors that provides video, this Oricom baby monitor is an excellent choice.

The baby unit is battery or mains operated and the parent unit comes with a charging cradle, rechargeable batteries and belt clip.  With a 2.4” colour LCD screen and infrared camera there is a perfect image displayed night or day. With a parent talk back 2 way communication feature, and the ability to play up to 5 lullabies, you are able to soothe your baby from afar..

This night vision baby monitor is super easy to set up and use and also has the option of buying additional cameras to hook up to the one parent unit (4 in total). You can also buy sensory pads separately making this monitor also a good choice for parents after the best baby breathing sensor monitor or the best baby movement monitor.

Additionally, this multi camera baby monitor has a built in room temperature sensor and alert as an extra safety feature and added peace of mind.  Other great features include an adjustable and comforting night light, digital pan and tilt camera options and screen sleep mode.

This baby monitor price is very affordable, whilst not necessarily a cheap video baby monitor, this Oricom monitor offers parents a good value and safe baby monitor.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Best Audio Baby Monitor

Oricom Secure 320 Wireless Audio Baby Monitor Review

If you are after the best audio baby monitor on a low budget, this Oricom monitor is a good choice.

This Oricom baby monitor is great value for money giving you outstanding range (up to 300 metres) and crystal clear hi-definition sound. This baby sound monitor also includes 2 way communication allowing you to soothe your baby from a distance.

A reassuring adjustable night light allows you to set the amount of light needed to keep your baby asleep and secure.

With the included rechargeable batteries, you can be sure that the units power will not turn off in the middle of the night, as they provide 16 hours of power when in use. Other great features include an out of range/ low battery warning, a mute function, and fully adjustable digital volume control.

Reading various audio baby monitor reviews, it is clear parents find this a great monitor at a great price.

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Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Monitor Review

This affordable, easy to use, reliable and basic monitor rates highly amongst the Motorola baby monitor reviews especially for the less tech savvy user.

This Motorola digital audio baby monitor comes with a parent and baby unit which each plug directly into a power outlet without the need of any cords.

With its simple design and effective functions, you will know when your baby is fast asleep, awake or crying. It also has an outside 300 metre range and indoor 50 metre range, keeping you and your child connected.

The highly sensitive microphone on the baby unit and the handy sound and volume indicator on the parent unit ensure you will hear every sound your baby makes.  Other features include, out of range warnings and a nightlight on the baby unit.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


AngelCare Baby Digital Sound & Movement Monitor Review

The Angelcare baby monitor is so user friendly that parents will love how easy it is to use.

Aesthetically the baby unit is designed to look like an angel, but together with the parent unit and wired sensor pad system, it’s also both pretty and practical.  Slide the sensor pad under the baby’s mattress and its motion detectors will pick up the slightest movements. This system also has 2 sensor pads, so less risk of a false alarm.

This angel baby monitor system has clear audio at a great range (up to 250 metres outside and between 80 -100 metres inside).  Other great features include the temperature monitor, a soft nightlight and for peace of mind there is the audio ‘tic’ feature which reassures you that the monitor is working with a ticking sound.

Other features include the rechargeable and portable parent’s unit, the full colour digital display showing the sound lights, out of range and low battery indicators. Some features can be adjusted too, such as the movement pad sensitivity and the volume control and vibration alert.

The AngelCare monitor is a popular choice for parents particularly as a first years baby monitor given it’s sensory functions.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Best Long Range Baby Monitor

Motorola Mbp36S Baby Monitor Review

This Motorola baby monitor is also one on the best long range baby monitor with a 180 meter range.

This wireless LCD video monitor with a 3 ½ inch screen allows you to navigate the babies room with full control over the camera with its zoom,tilt and pan abilities giving a 300 degree viewing range.

A great feature is the 2 way communication allowing you to comfort your baby from another room. The audio is also very high quality.

The built in infrared vision ensures you can keep an eye on your little one day and night. If you have more than one child, you can also buy additional cameras that link with the one monitor in a picture-in-picture mode or the option to switch between screens.

Other stand out features include a pop out stand on the back of monitor for easy placement, a pull out aerial for longer range reception, and room temperature display.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

The Setup of this wireless baby monitor camera is super easy just plug it in and it connects automatically. The camera and audio are high quality with the ability to adjust all the settings and timers.

The night vision is equally impressive letting you see the baby clearly at night. The long 292 metre digital wireless transmission range helps you to stay connected with your baby wherever you go in and around your house.

The motion detection lights and in room temperature display lets you know when your baby is comfortable and safe. Together with the 360 degree multi angle rotating camera providing more convenience when wanting to see your wiggling baby that has moved from one end of the cot to the other.  

The two way talk feature and built in lullabies helps you to soothe your baby without entering the room adding more convenient features to this monitor.  Other awesome features include the option to connect more cameras to the parent unit and the video recording function with a built in 32GB storage card.

The HelloBaby monitor is jammed packed with great features making this one of the well recommended baby monitors in these top 10 baby monitors.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Other Top Baby Monitor Reviews

Motorola MBP854 Connect Baby Monitor Review

The third Motorola baby sleep monitor in these reviews is the Motorola MBP854.

This Motorola video baby monitor is a 2 camera baby monitor as it has its own 4.3- inch screen with responsive touch screen controls as well as the ability to use your smartphone via an the app when out and about. With a wireless range of 180 meters you can keep a watchful eye on your little one from anywhere using the monitor in the home.

The temperature display on the parent unit together with the remote pan, tilt and zoom functions on the camera send sound, motion and temperature notifications to all compatible devices via WIFI and the required app.

The infrared night vision, two way communication and the included lullabies ensure you can see, hear and soothe your baby night and day.  Other features include, a flip out stand, rechargeable battery on the parent unit, low battery and out of range alerts.

Lastly I absolutely love the unique features of being able to take a photo or video of your baby remotely to send to your loved ones.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


VTech VM9900 HD Pan & Tilt Video Monitor Review

This Vtech baby monitor with a 5-inch HD colour screen has the biggest viewer out of all the video monitors reviewed.   

Its expensive price is warranted due to the added ability to pair, view and control up to 4 cameras on the included parent monitor with the split screen technology, & up to 10 cameras on the VTech app (VC990 & VC980 sold separately). This added function enables you to use these products together as a security system around the home.

The touch screen technology allows you to easily use this monitor. With the pan, zoom and tilt camera, two way talk communication and auto night vision you will be sure to be kept at ease using this handy and convenient video monitor at home or via the app when you are away.

The motion activated alerts and recordings are stored in your phone memory using the app, or the SD cards in the camera or parent unit. In addition, the local and remote video transmission via WIFI are secure & encrypted given you that added safety and peace of mind.

This versatile Vtech video monitor is great for parents that have a big house, more than one child and even pets that they wish to monitor whether they are at home or away.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


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