If you are in Melbourne outside of winter time, then you definitely need to get your kids to the Children’s Garden at Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens. The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden is perfect for kids who love to explore the outdoor and get dirty and wet!

Children’s Garden Attractions

Melbourne Children's Garden

Melbourne Children’s Garden

This children’s garden is surprisingly big – there are many different areas and trees, greenery, water and hills to separate different areas. This also means that even when it is quite busy, its easy to get parts of the gardens to yourself. Its designed to be interactive, educational, especially for kids and lots of fun.

There is a waterway that runs throughout the gardens. You can sail toy boats on this, pieces of bark or take your shoes off and have a splash. There is also a big water feature which is lots of fun to run under in summer.

There is a bamboo forest as well as an area with lots of trees including a platform in the trees. There is a kitchen garden and kids can learn all about how food is grown. There are an amazing amount of different sections to this park.

You can learn more about the gardens in this video:

We just love it! The only downside is that it shut in winter – check the opening hours before visiting. We have turned up in September before and been very disappointed to find it shut.

Getting to the Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden is located in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne. This means that once you have finished in the Children’s Garden, you can explore more of the botanic gardens – good luck getting your kids to agree to leaving the Children’s Garden though!

The Botanic Gardens are located next to the Yarra River adjacent to Melbourne CBD so it is very easy to get here. There is parking around the gardens, it is walking distance from Flinders Street station or you can get a tram up Swanston Street along St Kilda Road.

You can find more information on their website. It is shut for a period over winter and on Mondays and Tuesdays in term time. Entry is free!

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